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 Current Exhibition

Come check out our exhibitions during opening hours or message for a private viewing.

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July 10 - August 4, 2024

Tessel van der Putte

Root to Rise

June 5 - June 30, 2024

Tessel is a Dutch visual artist who works with vibrant colour contrasts and abstraction of form, influenced by cubism and symbolism. With a background in human rights and climate change studies, she has made female bodily autonomy and water important themes in her work, as well as eco-feminism.


Tessel’s most recent exhibition at Toqueur is called ‘Root to Rise’ and derives from how we are all created from a source of nature.


In most of her pieces, you’ll see that Tessel chose to incorporate trees. This is due to their androgynous nature and many beautiful metaphors of living through the seasons and the interconnectivity of their root systems.


There is a sense of play and dichotomy between masculine and feminine in her works as well. With odes to blooming and nature, all stemming from our origins as human beings.


Through her vulva series in this exhibition, we see this cohesively pull together - the essence of varying natural forces create equally varying vulvas, shedding light on something still seemingly daring.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Laura Stöckl

Summer Musings

July 10 - August 4, 2024

We are thrilled to present our next exhibition:

"Summer Musings" by Luxembourgish artist Laura Stöckl.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Laura has an illustrious background in high-end fashion design, having worked for brands like Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson, and Liebeskind Berlin.


In recent years, Laura has pivoted towards expressing and focusing on her own artistic vision. Her unique style, a fusion of fashion and art, focuses on colour, shape, and the conceptual reinvention of materials. As a synesthete, Laura perceives moments through color, adding a vibrant dimension to her artwork.

"Summer Musings" is a series of evocative pieces on summer reflections and Laura's journey navigating the art world with misconceived social expectations. Her collage-style artworks capture the essence of women living their best lives, surrounded by opulence combined with powerful and daring statements.

Join us for a vibrant summer evening on July 10 at 19:00, featuring live music and aperitifs.

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Alberto Calero Lopez

Colour Expression

August 7 -31, 2024

Born in Sevilla and always showing a vivid interest in arts, Alberto moved to Amsterdam in 2014 where he followed studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.


In the last years he has been developing his passion in the world of abstract and expressionist painting. Experimenting with a diverse number of materials and techniques. His pieces are a great variety of styles, having the exploration of color as a common thread.

Myrthe van Iwaarden van Dijk

Exposure Therapy

September 4-29, 2024

We are so excited to show Myrthe's work for the first time to the public

this coming September.

A series of artworks based on real-life experiences, events, and feelings. Colorful dancing lines combined with direct messages make the viewer look twice. The rawness and reality of it all are almost hidden in plain sight.


By showing her work for the very first time to a larger audience, Myrthe is revealing true feelings she kept to herself for a long time. Her art helps her acknowledge those feelings and make them physical so she can look at them and heal. By making her feelings tangible, she’s able to reach into the depths of her audience and touch those who have experienced the same things.


‘Exposure Therapy’ is not just an art exhibition. Some art pieces may reflect like a mirror, helping you see parts of yourself you may have not noticed before.


Join us for her opening on September 4th at 19:00.

Past Exhibitions

Have a look at some of our past artists who have exhibited with Toqueur.

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