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Connect with your Inner Dreamer

Connect with your Inner Dreamer Dream workshop with Innercourse You are invited to an intimate dream workshop to learn the basics of dreamwork and dream interpretation techniques.

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Connect with your Inner Dreamer
Connect with your Inner Dreamer

Time & Location

25 jan 2024, 19:30 – 22:00

Amsterdam, Pazzanistraat 1, 1014 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the event

You are invited to an intimate dream workshop to learn the basics of dreamwork and dream interpretation techniques.

Theoretical background is important, but this workshop will provide a space for us to experientially connect to our Inner Dreamer and to the deeper parts of our psyche manifesting themselves in dreams. 

By remembering, writing down, and working with dreams you will bring the symbols, messages, and mystery to the light of consciousness so that you can find your own connection to your dreamworld and explore your dreams' meaning within yourself. 

How the evening unfolds: 

1. Guided meditation to connect to our Inner Dreamer and explore the relationship we currently have with the dream space. 

2. Theory background on dream interpretation

3. Based on a dream of your choice, we’ll (individually) explore the symbols via a method of Jungian Active Imagination 

4. Practical tips for working with dreams

5. Sharing and closing

What to bring:

- a notebook and pen

- a dream you’d like to work with. It can be a recent one or an old one, as long as it stirs some emotion in you. Don’t worry if it’s strange or it doesn’t make sense! We won’t be sharing them so you can keep it as private as you’d like

- An open mind and heart


1. Soul vs. Mind analysis

In this workshop we refrain from finding "definitive" meaning of dream symbols and analyzing dreams with our minds. Dream dictionaries and 1:1 dream interpretations are not part of this process. We understand that meaning can only be found by each dreamer him/herself, and a meaning of a symbol differs from person to person. We don't project our own understanding of someone's dream. We give and hold space for the mystery to arise. 

2. Patience 

Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years for the meaning of the dream to become known. Carl Jung himself worked with some of his own dreams all his life. Sometimes our mind thinks it arrived at the answer, but if we keep our hearts open, the mystery keeps unfolding. We have patience for this process and understand that this is a lifelong pursuit. 

*3. No judgment *

Dreams often speak to us in primal symbols that often involve blood, violence, sex, pain... These elements are intrinsically human and live deep in our psyche, often suppressed by our culture, moral values, and religion. We don't judge our own or other people's dream content as good or bad, moral or immoral. Such distinctions are the judgments of the mind that are necessary for our functioning in a society, but if we want to dive deep into the mysteries of our psyche, we need to keep an open mind to all symbols that are trying to emerge. 

4. Confidentiality 

You are asked to keep the information that arises in the circle private and confidential so we're all in the safe space. 

5. Credentials 

Sonia Kolasinska (Innercourse) is currently studying a MSc program at the Alef Trust Institute in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology validated (accredited) by Liverpool John Moores University. Among other topics, she researches dreamwork and Jungian psychology. However, she is not a certified analytical psychologist or therapist, so if you're looking for personal support, please contact a licensed therapist.


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