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'Water Springs 'by Tessel van der Putte is an original works of acrylic on canvas made and created in 2024. 


This piece is part of Tessel's Body Current series. 


Drawing inspiration from the wet landscapes of the Netherlands, Tessel’s vibrant palette and contrasting hues, evoke the ebb and flow of waters meeting the shoreline.


This style is a metaphor for the fluidity and cyclical nature of life: bodies, borders, and natural boundaries are always changing and in a constant dance with the elements.


As such, the figures in her paintings are not static entities, but rather fluid forms intertwined with their surroundings. Borders blur, and distinctions between the self and the environment dissolve, reflecting the interconnectedness of all living beings.


Meditating on our internal “ emotional landscapes” , this fluidity extends beyond the physical realm to encompass changing dynamics of social structures, cultural boundaries, gender roles, and identities.


Tessel van der Putte

Water Springs (2024)

Acrylic on canvas 

120 x 160cm 


This piece is framed in a beautiful dark wooden frame created bespokely to hold the piece deeply and with a solid chain for hanging on the back. All frames are hand-crafted and painted by Tessel's dad. She selects the paint of the frame from one of the darkest pigments in the painting itself for a beautiful finish. 

Water Springs: Tessel van der Putte

€ 7.630,00Price
  • All original pieces are final sales. 

    Shipping is not included in the price, please get in touch for shipment options (we can unstretch and send rolled on canvas for longer trips to protect the pieces). 

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