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TOQUEUR (too-k-uh-r-uh)


Meaning: toque (Canadian word for a warm hat) + coeur (French word for heart)


where head and heart meet


Toqueur is a creative art space that was founded to make the art world more accessible, while inspiring people to think differently and push their boundaries.  The world of art is so broad and so we embrace every form: painting, movement, performance, production and curation; we want to help give that platform for expression.


We aim to provide a hub for artists, art-lovers, and those who don't know they love art yet, to collaborate and immerse themselves in a space that will excite and challenge them. Our goal is to break the norms of a traditional white-walled gallery and create an inclusive space where everyone can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of art.


Natasha Grant

The concept for Toqueur has been in my mind for years. Art has so many ways of being defined so I wanted to created a space where people could have a platform to showcase their passion projects and also to let people unlock creative inspiration they didn't know they had. My goal is for people to walk out the door inspired and this is why there are so many events within the creative space, to spread our horizons and how we see things.

natasha grant, amsterdam, toqueur, woman entrepreneur
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